Becoming an Expert

So you want to be an expert?

The first question that you have to ask yourself is what do you mean when you say you want to be an expert? Depending on the domain you choose, being an expert could mean being able to know the difference between a merlot and a chardonnay or being able to keep track of three things happening at the same time as you travel around the mythical world of Zelda or Super Mario Brothers. We are all experts in something (depending on how loose you define “expertise”) or fall along a continuum towards the ultimate goal: the top tier of the normal, bell curve (Salthouse, 1991). The following will show you that expertise depends on a variety of factor and may not be teachable at all. But have no fear, for we’ve included some ways to get you on your way. Whose says expertise takes forever? (Just approximately 10 years according Simon and Chase (1973). )

yellow brain Is Expertise Teachable?
cyan brain Improving Memory: Mnemonics
magenta brain Practice Makes Perfect
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